Creating Your Visual Message

Your greatest marketing tool for your blog and biz are your photos.

Photos are what capture the eye over text, learn how and what to capture when creating your fashion blog posts to help you market and promote your blog and biz.

Attract an audience with your stunning images!

Are you ready to learn how to create visual content that sells the hell out of your blog?


Create Your Visual Message

A lesson in fashion photography and the different elements to capture to help sell and market your brand throughout your website and social media platforms.  Visuals are a strong part of your brand’s message, they are an extension of your offering and should be able to sell you.

Creating a strong message through your visuals that aligns with your content strategy is an essential part to attracting and growing an audience.

This video will:

  • Teach you the four different elements of photography for a fashion website (and no, you don’t need to be a professional to create stunning photos!)
  •  Different style of photos to capture
  • Starter equipment - camera + lens
  • What to avoid when shooting blog pics
  • Tips for capturing the best photos for your blog

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