A lesson in fashion photography and the different elements to capture to help sell and market your brand throughout your website and social media platforms.  Visuals are a strong part of your brand’s message, they are an extension of your offering and should be able to sell you.

One of the first things that captures someone’s attention are visuals, not text.  Creating a strong message with your visuals is an essential part to attracting and growing an audience.

This video will:

  • Teach you the four different elements of photography for a fashion website (and no, you don’t need to be a professional to create stunning photos!)
  •  Different style of photos to capture
  • Starter equipment - camera + lens


If you’re looking to grow your audience and keep them coming back for more, you have to give them something worth coming back to! Whether you’re focusing on your personal style, pushing your product or service - content is king.

This video will teach you:

  • The anatomy of a great post, the type of photos and content to include.  Plus different elements to add in.
  • How to monetize your posts (without having a product or service).
  • How to diversify your content if you’re looking to showcase more than outfit posts.  I’ll walk you through how to create collages and shopping posts to help position yourself as an expert and make more money.
  • Different ways to promote your product or service


Plus! 30 days of mentoring!


Define Your Fashion Brand Workbook

If you’re finding yourself stuck with how to go forward, chances are you aren’t 110% clear on your brand, message and who your target audience is.  It’s never too late to brand/re-brand your website.  This workbook will help you breakdown the why, what, how, who and style of your brand.  Learn how to position your brand to stand out, define your target audience and how to market to them.

Content Strategy Planner

Stay organized, plan ahead and execute! This planner helps you to stay on track with the different types of content and visual needed to market your content.

Content Strategy Workbook

Learn how to create content that'll attract your target audience - includes examples for those wanting to have a style blog, offer a product or service. How to create opt in topics for your audience to build your email list. Clarity on the type of content to create and share on your social media platforms (+ a free platform to help you create them on your own!)

Grow Your Biz On Autopilot: Email Automation Workbook

How to setup your opt in with Mailchimp.  Learn how to automate your emails to send as soon as a subscriber opts into your list.