Stop feeling stuck with the ideas you have, gain clarity on your brand and start turning your ideas into actions.

Sure, you have an amazing idea or two but trying to make sense of them and deciding on your next steps keeps you from getting anywhere.  What you're struggling with is how to turn your ideas into actionable steps towards building your brand and online business.


Build Your Brand session is a one-on-one coaching package designed to help you narrow down your focus and develop your brand, define your target audience, how to create content that serves them plus a custom and actionable plan of attack on the steps to take to grow your brand.


This one-on-one will give you:

  • Clarity on your brand's message and purpose and how to convey that to attract the right audience
  • A strategy to creating content for your target audience
  • A month's worth of actionable content  (4-5 blog posts)
  • How to track and gauge your audience's level of interest to help you continue to build out a content strategy that keeps them coming back (applies to those using a Squarespace or Wordpress website)
  • Custom and actionable plan tailored to your brand's needs to help you with going forward in building and growing your brand

Hi, I'm Ashleigh.  Your mentor!

I run a consulting business helping women create a style they love and a life they want.  My journey began as a fashion blogger and juggling a 9 to 5.  In 2014, I ditched corporate America and have been running my business full-time since.

Starting my blog was the best decision I've made; it ultimately lead me to my dream job and lifestyle that I only imagined -- and I didn't have a team helping me do it.  

I'm fortunate enough to help other women build their brand and create their own path.  I've built my brand by myself and now I'm helping you to build yours!


your next steps after signing up...


  • Fill out the List of Ideas workbook you'll receive immediately after signing up
  • Lookout for a separate onboarding email with instructions on our one-on-one sessions
  • Schedule a date and time for a consulting call
  • Fill out Branding workbook
  • Brainstorm content ideas and build out a month's worth of content
  • I will analyze and breakdown a previous blog post of yours to help you fine tune your content creating process (if you have already launched your blog)
  • Setup of tracking and analytics to see how your audience is engaging with your content (applies to those using a Squarespace or Wordpress website)

I N V E S T M E N T $197

Payment Plan Option: 2 payments of $100

Build Your Brand session provides you with the framework to build out your brand and define the most important people to a growing brand, your audience.  Whether you're just beginning or have already launched and stuck on how to move forward, throughout this one-on-one you'll develop a more clear understanding, better sense of direction and the confidence needed for you to build your brand.


Build Your Brand is for you if...

  • If you have a ton of ideas but don't know how to turn them into actions
  • You've launched but are stuck on how to create content that attracts the right audience
  • Struggling with what to write about that an audience will care about
  • Unclear on how to position your brand to stand apart from what everyone else is doing

Build Your Brand isn't for you if..

  • You don't have the time to dedicate to building your brand
  • You're already running a successful online brand with a strong content strategy and audience

I N V E S T M E N T  $197

Don't think you need one-on-one help and just want to break down building your brand on your own? Checkout the workbook, here.


Think you need additional help building and growing your brand? Checkout my one-on-one brand development sessions, here.

You made me think about how I really want to set my brand apart. I want to get solid on this so it can guide all of my decisions.
— Sharece O'Neal
Thanks for the feedback, it helped me to organize my ideas and be more specific on certain things. You’re awesome. I have to say it!
— Erika van O'ordt
I’m so grateful that it’s a program that offers someone to reach out to in order to learn how to take the proper steps to expand myself and my brand!

I started with the workbook and the questions were quite tough. I realized there are things I haven’t thought about when it comes to my brand. It’s an amazing starting point!
— Denise DaCosta
Thank you for all of your help so far. It’s tough but I’m definitely growing.
— Allanah Barnes