When it comes to launching your fashion blog, you're:

  • Stuck on the design part: You’re not a designer or professional, you have don’t have a huge budget, or a budget at all to hire someone, and the whole tech stuff that goes into designing, is something you know nothing about.  Just the thought of it makes you want to just shut down.


  • Don't know how to layout your website: From showcasing your style, incorporating your skills, touching on other related topics, you don’t know how to lay it out on your own to create a clean design that isn’t too busy or confusing.


  • Unsure on how to stay consistent after launching: Once you’ve gotten your first few posts up, what if you hit a wall and can’t come up with anymore ideas on what to post.  You won’t know how to bounce back and stay consistent with your busy schedule.


  • Feeling like your photos won't make the cut: You don’t have hundreds of dollars to shell out for a professional to take your photos, so there is no way you can create amazing photos without a professional camera.


  • Struggling to figure out how to share your content and grow your audience: How can I use platforms outside of my website to grow my audience and get others to know about me.