You have ideas, you're eager to begin your fashion journey - you have no idea on the first step, right?

You find yourself back and forth trying to decide if jumping headfirst into designing your website is the right place to begin, so, you start planning and find yourself stuck asking yourself -

"How am I suppose to layout my site?"

"How am I suppose to get my message across?"

"How do I convey what I want to an audience?"

The never-ending questions are flooding in and you end up just completely shutting down.

Are You Looking To..

Grow an audience of loyal readers?

Boost up your clientele?

Attract the attention of partners and brands?

Leverage your online shop or launch your services?

Turn your side hustle into your full time?

If you answered YES!! to any of the above but have no clue on how to pull it off, I am going to walk you through the first, defining your fashion brand.

Branding your business is what will make you stand out.

Branding will allow you to connect, inspire, engage and move an audience.

If an audience is not clear on your brand, how can you expect to keep them coming back?

It'll provide clarity on how to create content, direction on building and growing to executing your message, consistently.

Your audience needs a reason to continue to come back, are you ready to give them one?

when You Sign Up for Define Your Fashion Brand One-on-one session..

You'll break down the WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and STYLE of your fashion brand

This one-one-one session is designed for those looking to build their online fashion presence and for those who've already launched but aren't seeing the results they wanted.

Throughout this session, you'll get to the specifics of your brand and gain clarity on how to build, create and attract a loyal audience.

Forget struggling through it on your own, this one-on-one session will ensure you are clear on your brands message and how you're going to stand apart.

one-on-one session format:




Fill out a series of questions that help you work through your who, what, why, how and style.

*8 page Q&A

*Writeable workbook




Email over your completed workbook by April 13, 2017.

*Email address included within workbook




I read through your entire workbook and provide suggestions, give feedback and advice on how to set your brand apart.

*Make revisions based off my feedback and resend your revised workbook - up to 3 times.



Hi! My name is Ashleigh.

I run the fashion site, The Daileigh and work as a fashion consultant helping women to look and feel their best through their choice in fashion and consulting women on how to use their passion for fashion to pursue their dreams.

I first started blogging in 2010 sharing fashion advice, shopping and style tips, transitioned my blog in 2011 to a personal style blog and now run my website and consulting business full-time.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with brands; such as, Nordstrom, H&M, Express, Target, L'Oreal Hair to Banana Republic.  I’ve been featured in-print and online for Glamour, LuckyEssence, and Redbook.  I’ve had the chance to attend New York Fashion Week and get backstage access to runway shows.  I’ve also been able to expand my business and make thousands of dollars by instructing online webinars, creating fashion eBooks, and consulting women all over the globe.  I've built my brand by myself and now I'm helping you to build yours.  I started with 0 followers and grew to over 200K followers - I took my blog and turned into into my full-time business.  None of this would be possible if I never decided to launch my fashion website.


Sign up For April 2017 session:


Completed workbooks must be submitted no later than April 13th (more details to follow when you enroll) 

Have you already spent time defining your brand and you're ready to start building your online presence?