Did you know you’re giving social media the power to completely end your business and cut you off from all of your followers without even consulting you (they don't care).


If social media disappeared tomorrow, what would happen to all of those people that were following you? You’d be left scrambling and starting over from scratch (they don't care).


An email list is something that you own and social media can’t take that from you.  If social media went away tomorrow, you’ still have a way to get in front of your audience.


If you had to choose between 5,000 subscribers or 50,000 followers what would you choose?


That should be an easy answer, subscribers of course.


Subscribers are more beneficial to your business than followers, this isn’t a numbers game or popularity contest.  A huge following doesn’t mean your followers are invested in your brand, shopping with you or even visiting your site.  They can just be drive by likes, and we all know likes don’t pay the bills.


Fact: email subscribers are more likely to invest in your brand and spend money with you than those that follow you on social media.


To easily put: just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they are the right people for what your brand offers. If you want to build an effective audience, you want to build an email list.


To give you a few stats: Both Facebook and Instagram’s organic reach is on the decline, less and less of your followers are actually seeing your posts.  They now give you the option to PAY to BOOST your post and reach to get in front of those people that are already following you.  


You don’t have to pay to get in front of people on your email list.  In fact, these are the people that want to be kept in the loop on all the happenings with your brand.


71% consumers favor email as their first online “check” of the day. –ExactTarget


No need to compete for their attention on social media, you already have it.


Should you totally neglect social media? Nope.  Social media is a great TOOL for outreach but not the only means you should be taking to attract and grow your audience.


Email List Building

Takes more than setting up a subscription box on your page and asking readers to give you their email address.  If you want your email list to do numbers and you want to get the right people on your list, you have to give them a reason to get on your list outside of the typical “weekly updates, the first to know, etc.”

This is what my email list looked like at the beginning of the year, low, yup.


Skip forward a few months and there has been tremendous growth.  My email list literally does numbers.. on it’s own.  And this growth is not from a subscription form.


In Boss Babe 2.0 mentor program you’ll learn how to implement a content strategy that:

(1) Targets those that actually need your brand

(2) Convert readers to subscribers

(3) Build a relationship with your audience and potential customers and clients

(4) Grows your email list on autopilot

In a series of how to video’s and workbooks you’ll learn the value in lead magnets and content upgrades and how to use them to build up your email list.  These are the exact techniques I’ve used to boost my email list … and it works.


I’ll take you through the behind the scenes of the setup and how to start building out your content and marketing strategy so you can begin converting your readers and start treating your blog like a business.

Take control of your business, don’t allow social media dictate your success.

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How Boss Babe 2.0 Is Going To Transition You From Blog to Biz:

Content is what attracts. Lead magnets and content upgrades converts them.  Email list nurtures and builds a relationship.

Numbers don't lie.  Email is a more powerful and effective way to convert your audience.

Photo cred: ActON

Photo cred: ActON



Hi! My name is Ashleigh.

I run the fashion site, The Daileigh and work as a fashion consultant and stylist helping women to look and feel their best through their choice in fashion and consulting women on how to use their passion for fashion to pursue their dreams.

I first started blogging in 2010 sharing fashion advice, shopping and style tips, transitioned my blog in 2011 to a personal style blog and now run my website and consulting business full-time.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with brands; such as, Nordstrom, H&M, Express, Target, L'Oreal Hair to Banana Republic.  I’ve been featured in-print and online for GlamourLuckyEssence, and Redbook.  I’ve had the chance to attend New York Fashion Week and get backstage access to runway shows.  Through my blog I've been able to expand my business and make thousands of dollars by instructing online webinars, creating fashion eBooks, and consulting women all over the globe.  I started with 0 followers and grew to over 200K followers - I took my blog and turned into into my full-time business.  I've built my brand by myself and now I'm helping you to build yours!