Create + Monetize Your Content

Not sure how to create content outside of outfit posts?

Are you looking for different ways to show off your skills and expertise?

Not sure how to use your blog posts to promote your fashion product or styling service?

Not sure on how to monetize your content?

Do you want to create content that'll help your audience and keep them coming back to your site for more?

Are you ready for some help?



Create + Monetize your Content

If you’re looking to grow your audience and keep them coming back for more, you have to give them something worth coming back to! Whether you’re focusing on your personal style, pushing your product or service - content is king.

This video will teach you:

  • The anatomy of a great post, the type of photos and content to include.  Plus different elements to add in.
  • How to monetize your posts (without having a product or service).
  • How to diversify your content if you’re looking to showcase more than outfit posts.  I’ll walk you through how to create collages and shopping posts to help position yourself as an expert and make more money.
  • Different ways to promote your product or service

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