Those dreams of running a successful blog and growing your online business are totally doable -- even while you’re juggling your 9 to 5, mom life and social calendar.


It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done and discouraged feeling like you’ll never be able to make it happen.  From trying to figure what to create for your blog, social media to newsletters, how to push your products and services to how to market yourself, it can definitely feel like too much to handle.


If there’s one thing you know it’s you have something special to offer that can help others, you’re just having a difficult time connecting the dots and bringing your visions and ideas to life.


You know in order to start seeing progress, you need a better system and stronger strategy in place if you’re going to be able to balance it all.  This is why I created Boss Babe 2.0: From Blog to Biz mentor program so you’ll (1) Be able to streamline how you create content (2) Systems that’ll help market and grow your brand and (3) Mentor help so you don’t have to go at it alone.


Boss Babe 2.0: From Blog to Biz is a self-paced mentor program for those bloggers and online business owners eager to learn how to create content that attracts the right audience that'll help grow their traffic, email list, client list to online sales, put systems in place that'll allow their blog and biz to run without being confined to a desk and a more effective way to marketing their brand.

You'll walk away with a content strategy in place with weeks worth of content written out, an email list in place and a way to market your brand to turn your readers into subscribers and customers.


In a saturated market, you can still get noticed IF you know how to position your brand to stand apart.

Build to standout, not blend in.

 Define Your Brand Workbook will help you:

  • Narrow down your niche and blog focus
  • Identify those that’ll benefit from your content, products to services
  • Position your brand as the go-to for your niche
  • Breakdown your audience and how to attract them
  • Clarity on how you're blog and business will not fall victim to being just another blog on the block

Write and plan weeks worth of content (and get feedback!)

In a series of  workbooks you’ll learn:  

  • Writing points + simple formula to attract your target audience 
  • How to pinpoint content ideas for your blog, newsletters, opt-in’s to social media
  • How to incentivize your readers to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Position your products to get more sales

Content is king.  These workbooks will help you build a strong content and marketing strategy.


To grow your brand, you need help; not a team but a way to automate your business so that you don’t have to always be in front of your computer to get work done.

You own your email list AKA subscribers, you don't own social media AKA followers.  If social media disappeared tomorrow, you'd have no way of getting in touch with you audience.

Email Automation workbook teaches you how to:

  • Make your workload much easier and more manageable
  • Setup a system that’ll continue to drive traffic to your blog posts and boost your email list on autopilot
  • The quickest and easiest way to build your email list and grow your audience

Having an email list is one of the best ways to market your products and services to the right audience, this workbook will help you to get those people on your email list.



$49.99 (30 day Mentoring)

$89.99 (Extended Mentoring)


How It Works:

Step #1: WERK

This program is a combination of actionable workbooks that teach and provide you the tools and tips to lay out your content strategy, the value of lead magnets and how you're going to use your content strategy to grow your email list to streamlining your workflow to keep your content posting for your blog and social media channels organized and more manageable.

Step #2: ONE-ON-ONE

As you work through each of these workbooks, you'll be able to send them in where I'll go through and provide you with advice, suggestions and tips to help tweak your brand, marketing and content strategy.

Step #3: EXECUTE

Once you've completed this program, you'll have a stronger content strategy in place, an email list setup and can begin growing your audience and start seeing results.



Hi! My name is Ashleigh.

I run the fashion site, The Daileigh and work as a fashion consultant and stylist helping women to look and feel their best through their choice in fashion and consulting women on how to use their passion for fashion to pursue their dreams.

I first started blogging in 2010 sharing fashion advice, shopping and style tips, transitioned my blog in 2011 to a personal style blog and now run my website and consulting business full-time.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with brands; such as, Nordstrom, H&M, Express, Target, L'Oreal Hair to Banana Republic.  I’ve been featured in-print and online for GlamourLuckyEssence, and Redbook.  I’ve had the chance to attend New York Fashion Week and get backstage access to runway shows.  Through my blog I've been able to expand my business and make thousands of dollars by instructing online webinars, creating fashion eBooks, and consulting women all over the globe.  I started with 0 followers and grew to over 200K followers - I took my blog and turned into into my full-time business.  I've built my brand by myself and now I'm helping you to build yours!


Before you sign up, you can get this content + more for free when you sign up for an online course!


Stop wasting your time and stressing yourself out trying to run your blog and online business and getting no where.  It's time for you to take those steps you know you need to in order to start seeing growth and results!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a question that you don't see an answer to? Email me for assistance:

I have a busy schedule and work a 9 to 5, is there a timeframe on when the one-on-one help ends?

Nope, this is self-paced. As a question arises and/or you need assistance with a step, I am an email away.

Is the Boss Babe Crew 2.0 for fashion bloggers only?

The examples covered throughout these workbooks cater to a fashion brand; however, you can apply this information to any type of blog and niche.

Do you need to have a fashion blog already to join?

The content and material covered is to share and promote on your blog and social media channels. I recommend having your blog already launched but if you're looking to plan ahead, then you'll also benefit from this program.

How is this information taught?

In a series of workbooks that you’re able to download and fillable workbooks that you can type directly into.