Setting Up Systems to Grow Your Audience and Email List

Juggling a 9 to 5, your day-to-day on top of trying to grow your blog and online biz seems to be an ongoing struggle that’s producing little results and has you feeling like you’re getting absolutely nowhere.


Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, launch your blog to increase sales for your online store - you need a system in place that’ll allow your blog and biz to grow without you always having to be glued to your computer.  A system that’ll save you time, allow you to get more work done and create results.


Imagine your blog and biz being able to operate on it’s own so you’re able to focus on other aspects of growing your biz.  

This post is going to teach you how to set up your blog and biz to run on autopilot.

Batching Your Content

First things first, you need to have content in place that you want to share with your audience.  Batching your content allows you to focus on ONE task at a time vs trying to jump from one task to the next within one day - this system (yes, it’s a system!) helps you to get more work done, quicker.


Instead of focusing on writing, designing, editing photos to creating marketing promo’s in one day, pick one task and allow that to be your only task for the day.


You’ll be able to completely cross an item off your list vs leaving incompleted tasks on your to-do list that keep being rolled over to the next day to week until it’s completed.


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It’ll be harder to grow your blog and biz by always focusing on the now, right? Putting a system in place where you can plan ahead and still be able to grow your audience is how you’ll be able to scale your business.


I’m pretty sure a lot of items on your to-do list are things that can be automated where you’re able to create the work in advance and put a system in place so your content is pushed out automatically on a schedule that you’ve set.


Getting your content in front of an audience that engages in your content is key to growing your biz and I’m not talking about social media followers - but an email list.


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Using your blog and posts to create opt in’s for your readers helps to boost your email list and allows you the opportunity to start an ongoing conversation with them.


If you’re looking to create an engaged audience, you have to continue to push out valuable content and automating your emails helps to get this done.


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Learn how to setup your email automation step-by-step: HERE


Systemize + Scale

Something as simple as batching your content, creating ahead and automating your workflow can really do numbers in terms of growing your audience and helping to get your content in front of your target audience.


Create a schedule where you’re able to batch your days, plan ahead and really start seeing better results.


I didn’t always follow this system and continued to feel like I was going in circles and getting nothing accomplished.  It honestly wasn’t until I started batching my content and automating my emails is where I saw real growth in my mail list and business.


While batching seems like a lot of work, it helps you to save time and make your workload more manageable.


Implementing systems has helped me scale and grow my blog and biz.


Creating Your System

What does your work entail? How many hours do you spend editing photos, shooting, setting up newsletters to laying out and creating your blog posts?


What tasks seem to be more time consuming? What tasks involve even smaller tasks?


Here is a simple process that’ll help you to focus on batching and automating:


  1. List out your tasks that you do on a regular basis for your blog and biz?

  2. Breakdown each task into smaller tasks? What does it take for you to complete each one?

  3. Create a schedule where you can batch each task

  4. Create your blog post opt in’s

  5. Setup your email automation


And see your email list begin to grow!


One of the best things about blog post opt in’s is that blog post can never grow old, you’ll always be able to market those posts and continue to send traffic to your site and get readers to opt in - then the conversation begins.


Click here to learn how to setup your email automation


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