How To Use Your Fashion Blog to Boost Your Online Sales

You have an online store or you’re in the processing of launching it, what are some of the top to-do items on your list:


  1. Having product

  2. Setting up your e-commerce store

  3. Product photos


You figure once you launch your store you can begin promoting your biz and the sales will come.

However, you’re overlooking one major component to launching and growing your online business.

Building A Relationship With Your Customers

You’re a new business, you might not have a huge following and no one really knows who you are and what you’re about - which is totally normal and where we all start.


Which means people may not jump at the chance to spend money with you just because you say you’re now open for business and tell them how amazing your products are.


They don’t know you.  They have no reason to trust what you say.  And they don’t know the quality of what you offer.


The best place to begin building a relationship with potential customers isn’t necessarily asking for money, instead, give them the chance to get to know you - and you can do this by providing them with content, free content.


Building Your Online Presence

Having a blog in addition to your business will allow your customers that chance to get to know you better, get more familiar with your brand and the quality of what you offer.


Creating content throughout the week will not only help to build your readers trust but it allows you the opportunity to constantly produce content that promotes your products.


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Have you ever stumbled across an online shop that's new to you that has pieces that’d you loved to purchase, but you’re a little hesitant to checkout because you’re not familiar with this brand? You have no idea on what to expect, if you do place an order and there is an issue - will it take weeks for someone to respond to you, or will they even respond, will it take forever to ship to what's the quality of their merchandise.


Sometimes, it’s not a gamble worth taking for some.


Even if the product is $9.99, having these doubts often lead to more abandoned carts than actual sales.


Using Your Blog to Boost Sales

I started out just blogging and sharing personal style posts, I didn’t have a product and I didn’t offer a service.  Over the years, I grew an engaged audience, interacted with them and began to understand my readers needs a lot more.  This lead to creating products for sale and launching my online store.


I already had an audience, my audience was familiar with what I offer and I’ve been able to gain their trust and build a relationship with them by continuing to consistently provide new content each week.


When I made that decision to launch my online store with digital products, I knew there was a need for them and having that relationship with my audience lead to a 5 figure launch within my first month of launching my online store.


While I already had an audience when I launched, it’s important that you have an audience that loves your brand and where the conversation isn’t always asking them to spend money with you.


You have to show your value, provide them with it in order to see results.


A relationship where you’re always putting your hand out asking for money won’t be a long lasting one.


With any online retailer/store, it’s a gamble when you’re purchasing - you can’t physically see, feel or try on the product; all you have to go on is the reputation of the brand and the quality of what they’re offering.


Your audience needs time to feel more comfortable with shopping with you and having a blog allows you the opportunity to do that.


Grow Your Email List

Another benefit to having a blog to build a relationship and promote your product is providing your audience with content that shows you off but it’s another way to capitalize on building an email list where you can keep the conversation going.


When you have an online store, having an email list full of people who are familiar with your brand - is gold.


Just think about when you do launch a new product, new arrivals to a new sale - you already have a list of people who are more likely to invest and shop with you.



They’ve had the chance to see what your brand offers and what you’re about.  By keeping the conversation going and continuing to share valuable content with them, they trust that what you offer is worth it.  If the free stuff is this good, then they can only imagine what type of content they’ll get if they pay.


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If you’re finding yourself stuck on how to grow your online shop, do your business a favor and add on a blog - every online store needs a blog these days.  Lead with the value of your brand vs leading with give me your money.  Making money from your online store is the end goal but there a steps to take first before you can really start seeing consistent income - building that relationship with your readers and potential customers.


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