How To Use Social Media to Grow Your Email List

Do you ever wonder how you can boost your traffic and grow your email list?


While having followers on social media platforms is awesome, this doesn’t always mean your followers visit your blog and invest in your content.


Have you ever wanted to grow your blog?

Grow your audience?

Sell a product?

Offer a service?

Well, building an email list is the best way to start weeding through your followers and getting in front of those people who are in need of what you offer and would love to spend time browsing through your posts and investing time into your blog and biz.


Just imagine: you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect pair of pumps to add to your wardrobe and can’t seem to find them.


You’re scrolling IG and see: Have you been searching for the perfect pump but struggling to find your perfect match? Head over to my blog to download my shopping guide filled with pumps to shop that are all under $150!


You: It’s almost like this person you’re following knew what you’re struggling with because that caption is speaking directly to you! You hit that link in the bio to get your download - hey it doesn’t cost anything, right? So why the hell not.  You’re hoping you’ll be able to find your match in this shopping guide so you opt in for the download.


What just happened here?


#1 The blogger knows their audience: they struggle with finding fashionable and affordable pieces

#2 Created free content and download that’ll help their audience

#3 Provided their audience with a solution

#4 Market their content on their social media channels with a call to action

#5 Increased traffic to their site

#6 Collected an email address


Providing your audience with VALUABLE, QUALITY and FREE content is an easy way to start growing your audience and ahem.. Your mail list!


What is a content add on?

It’s basically an add on to what you’ve covered in that specific post.  It provides your reader with an extension of that topic that they can benefit from.  It’s a way for you to showcase your skills even more, give readers a glimpse to the quality of your content (which is extremely beneficial if you have a product or offer a service) and start an ongoing conversation with them.


It requires you to create additional content, yes.  But giving away freebies is a great way to position yourself as an expert in what you’re offering and allows you to build a relationship with your readers.  You want to make sure you’re putting out your best and really selling yourself.


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Below are ten things you can offer to get your readers to click that OPT IN button!

#1 Step-by-step guide

#2 eBook

#3 Writeable worksheet

#4 Free webinar training

#5 Free membership access to free content

#6 Access to exclusive video

#7 How To style guides

#8 How to video tutorials

#9 Podcast

#10 Workbook

Give your audience a reason to visit your blog, use your content to hook them, use your opt in’s to grow your email list.

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