How To Launch Your Fashion Blog to An Audience

So, you’ve made the decision to start your fashion blog.  Woohoo!


You’re excited to start this new journey but as excited as you are, you have no idea on what to do, how to do it and where to begin.


To your surprise, step one isn’t designing and laying out your website.

These days it seems like everyone has a blog - if you’re looking to stand out and grow an audience from the beginning - this post is for you!

These two steps that I’m going to cover, majority skip over and rush right into launching.  Shortly after launching, they find themselves stuck, struggling to create content and seeing little results.


This will help you avoid hitting in the wall and bringing you back to that same feeling of not knowing what to do.


Position Your Brand to Stand Out

There are new fashion blogs being born each day with many of them offering similar content - sharing their personal style, offering a product and/or offering a similar service.


You know what? That’s ok.


This in no way means, you’re never going to make it because there are so many offering what you want to do already.


This only means, you have to know exactly how what you’re offering is different and how you’re going to use that to position your blog and brand to stand out (click here for workbook)


What the next person is doing isn’t necessarily the same way you’d approach it and/or have the same view on it - it’s not a competitive nature, it’s more about focusing on how you’re going to stand out and draw a crowd.


Breakdown how your fabulous skills and outlook on fashion is going to set your blog apart, here.


This will help your readers identify with what you do and what you offer.  When your audience is able to relate with your blog, that’s how you begin attracting your crew.


Start Gathering Your Troops

While you’re knee-deep in the planning process and on the road to launching your blog, you can be taking advantage of your social media followers and start converting them to subscribers.


Followers are nice to have, subscribers are even better.  


As much as you want your blog to be a lot about you and your interests, you also want to attract an audience that feels the same way.  You can’t assume just because you like it, it’ll resonate with your readers.


Getting a handle on what your readers are interested in, where they struggle when it comes to what you offer to what moves them is how you begin growing an engaged audience that truly supports and invests in your blog.


If your content is able to help them with their struggles, you’ve found yourself a loyal follower.


Let's say your blog helps to teach women how to look fashionable on the job, you can use this to start creating content now and building your email list before your blog goes live.


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Creating Content Before You Launch

Since you’re not exactly sure who your social media followers are and their interests, creating content for them before you launch is nothing short of trial and error - this is the perfect time to gauge your followers level of interest in the content you plan on offering and start attracting the ones that can benefit from it by providing them with exclusive content that is shared only to those that opt in AKA give you their email address to receive this content.


This will give you a better idea of who your followers are and understanding their needs - this is key to growing your blog and biz.


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Setting Up Coming Soon Page

The best way to create this opt in is:


  1. Creating the content (Related posts: What To Send Your Readers)

  2. Setting up your coming soon page which will display your blog name and a sign up form

  3. Set up your email account (which is free, by the way! Start: here)

  4. Setup and customize your coming soon page

  5. Share your content on your social media channels to get your readers to opt in

  6. Track how many followers opt in


I suggest offering at least two different opt in’s, different topics but all relatable to see how your followers respond.


Going back to the previous example, let’s say your two opt in’s are:


  1. 10 pieces to add to your work wardrobe

  2. 10 ways to transition your outfit from work to a night out


You’ll be able to track which opt in draws more subscribers.  This will help you to craft your content strategy.  Let says more people subscribed to #2, this tells you your readers need help with how to style their work pieces outside of the office.  Light bulb goes off for you and this will help you to create more content that your audience is interested in.


Primp & Prep workbook (click here for workbook) walks you step-by-step to setting up and customizing your coming soon page, setting up your opt in, 45 different opt in ideas to offer your followers plus a tracker to track your sign ups!


Grab your copy: here


Launching to an audience

Putting in the work before you launch leads to a more successful launch with a better response - why? Because you already have an audience of readers who are interested in what your blog offers.


Your email list is patiently waiting for you to let them know your blog is live so they can begin reading and sharing your content.


Who doesn’t want to launch to an audience?!

Grab your copy of my Primp & Prep workbook so you can make this happen! Click here to begin.