How To: Create Content That Attracts An Audience

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re blogging to no one?


You’re thinking I have a following on my social media platforms but you’re still not seeing any results.




Are you finding yourself stuck and at a standstill when creating content because you have no idea on what to talk about?


The feeling of you’re getting nowhere has you second guessing whether this blogging thing is for you, or not.

If you’re reading this: don’t give up! All you need is a process that’ll help you crank out content that’ll send readers flocking to your blog.  This post is going to tell you exactly how to get that done.


Narrowing Down Your Focus

Your blog needs a focus.  Why? If you want your readers to be able to identify with what you’re doing and what your blog offers - then you have to be consistent with the type of content you share.


You don’t want to be jumping around from one topic to the next.  If your blog is all over the place, that’s exactly how it’s going to translate to someone visiting your website.  If a reader is confused on what you do and share, 9 times out of 10 they’re not going to come back.


Be clear on how you want someone to identify you.  Do you want to be known as the go-to for all things fashion? The go-to for all things beauty? The go-to for how to cook?


When someone thinks of your brand: what do you want to pop up in their mind?


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Identifying Your Audience

It’s very easy to get caught up in writing your blog posts for yourself; however, unless you plan on being the only person who reads your blog you need to keep others in mind.


Yes, I get it - it’s your blog and you should write about whatever you want to write about.


That is so true.


However, if you want people to care about what you’re writing, invest into your brand and keeping coming back for more - you need to share valuable content with them that they can relate to.


Let’s say your focus is fashion and beauty, you’re aiming to inspire and help other women look and feel good through their choice in fashion and all things beauty by sharing different tips on how to pull off certain styles to different trends.  Not only are you educating them on different products but also sharing and suggesting things for them to invest in.


If this is your focus yet you’re blogging about everything you did over the weekend to what you had for breakfast in one post, talking about fashion in the next post then another random topic in the following post - you start to create confusion, your readers don’t know what to expect from you and when they can expect to read those valuable tips that they need.  Which only leads to them no longer visiting your website.


If you want to build and grow an engaged audience, write content for THEM.


Pinpointing What Your Audience Wants and Needs

Nailing down this information is like cracking a code.


To pull this off you gotta be a mind-reader.. seriously.


You have to know exactly what your ideal audience faces when it comes to your focus and area of expertise so you can craft content that’ll help solve their problems and make their life easier and more enjoyable.


Content that helps to solve someone’s problems is how you begin connecting with your audience.


Just think if you’re struggling to pull off how to create the winged-eyeliner look and the person you’re following on social media posts something saying - “In today’s post, I’m teaching you 5 different ways to pull off the winged-eyeliner look.” What are you going to do? Run, not walk to their site to see how you can pull it off.


Something you’ve been struggling with for so long, you’re finally getting the solution.  And while they’re on your site they may be so interested in your post, they begin to go through more posts, subscribe to your newsletter, check your about me page because they like what they’re seeing, etc.


Create content that helps your audience.


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Crafting Your Content Strategy

Once you’ve cracked that code and know what your audience is struggling with, it’s go time.


You can grow an audience but numbers only matter when it’s the right audience - readers that benefit from your advice and content and those that are in need of your products or services.


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