Posting on Social Media Isn’t Enough to Grow Your Fashion Blog & Business

Creating a new blog post and then posting on your social media channels isn’t necessarily the key to growing your fashion blog and business.


You’re thinking all you need to do after each post is let your followers know that you have a new post and the traffic will come, your audience will grow and sales will come flying in.


If only it were that easy.


Ask yourself -- how often do you go running off to a blog when one of your fave IG’ers says there’s a new post?  Do you immediately drop what you’re doing to read it? Or, are you quickly skimming through to see how to shop what they’re wearing and skipping over what they’ve wrote?


Social media has created a way for people to be more lazy and think they have no need to visit blogs because you’re sharing your latest on your social media pages.  So, you have to have a stronger strategy if you want an audience to take action and invest in your blog.


Throughout this post, I’m going to break down what you need to be doing if you’re looking to see results.


Target Your Audience

 If you have no idea who your target audience is, in a way, you’re free-balling it - posting and hoping that’ll it be a hit.  You’re creating content that you have no idea if people are even going to read and care about.


Effective content writing evokes an emotion within your readers and/or has them take action.


It’ll be much harder for you to write content that connects with your audience when you have no idea who you’re writing for.


Create Content That People Care About

 As much as you’d love to think your blog is all about you, it’s not.  If you want your blog to attract an audience you have to give them what they want and content that helps them.


If you’re thinking, “How do I am suppose to know this?”


It goes back to defining your brand and how it’ll help your target audience.


Getting your reader to take an action; such as, subscribing to your newsletter, shopping with you, sharing your content with others to keep them coming back for each post -- you have to know what they want.


Building A Relationship

 Having followers on social media is awesome but keeping in mind that you don’t own social media should it just disappear -- which I doubt will ever happen, but you never know! Having a way to keep in touch with your audience outside of social media and keep that conversation going is one of the best ways to build a stronger connection with those that are invested in your blog and business.


Focus on building an email list.


Automate Your Hustle

Juggling your 9 to 5, day-to-day and social life on top of trying to grow your blog and online business seems like a handful to say, right?


It’s extremely difficult trying to do it all without having a system in place and feeling the need to constantly be at your computer to get work done.


While you’re at work, dropping your kids off at practice, having a drink with girlfriends to being on the beach -- your blog and business should still be running while you’re not physically at your desk.


Those blog posts you’ve spent time creating, new eyeballs are getting in front of it on a regular.

Those blog posts that your audience needs, is turning your readers into subscribers.

You’re getting your products and services in front of the right audience -- the people that will invest with you.

Your emails are automated so you can continue to share valuable content with your audience and continue to build that relationship with them.

You’re no longer struggling trying to decide how to target and attract the right audience.


No matter how busy your schedule is, you have a system in place that is working to grow your blog and online business.


With a set of workbooks, actionable steps, how to video’s and 30 days of mentoring -- you’ll be able to start seeing actual results and start growing your blog and business bigger than you have imagined.


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