Why You Should Build An Email List

Chasing likes and comments seem to be more popular than focusing on long term results.  Just because a follower likes or comments on one of your photos doesn’t necessarily mean they’re visiting your blog.


A few years ago, this was ok, email lists for bloggers wasn’t something you really needed to focus on.  Today, things are totally different.


This post I’m uncovering why you need to hop on this bandwagon and stop depending so much on Instagram and other social platforms as your only way to get in front of an audience.

You have total control over an email list

Social media is a great way to attract new followers, clients to customers.  If you have a website, I highly recommend using social media platforms as an extension of your brand and to market yourself and engage with your audience.  Social media is a must-have, that’s a no brainer.


However, you don’t have control over it.


As I’m writing this post, Instagram is currently down, when you log onto the app you’re greeted with, “Couldn’t Refresh” and a blank white screen.  You can’t call your hosting company saying, “Hey, my website’s down, can you help me?” and problem solved.  You’re literally shit out of luck and it’s a waiting game until it’s back up (for those who depend so heavily on Instagram).


Now just imagine if it completely disappeared and there was no more Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.  What would that mean for your blog and business? That was your only place for you to connect with your readers then all of a sudden it’s gone.  You’re back to the drawing board and starting from scratch.


You don’t own any of these platforms, so you basically have to fall in line with anything that they do and any change they implement.  And if you don’t like it, then too bad.  You don’t have any control of that.


You noticed how a lot of these platforms have flipped the script with their algorithm feeds, only showing you what they think you want to see or moving to pay to play platform.  Why place so much of running your blog and business in someone’s hands?


Email subscribers are more likely to invest in you

Your blog is a great platform to market your product or service.  Those on your email list are obviously a fan of your brand, or they wouldn’t have given you their email address, they trust that you’re going to provide valuable content to those on your email list and they want to be apart of that.


Should you ever decide to offer a product or service, these people will be more likely to invest and shop with you vs some random reader new to your website or a new follower on your social media page.


Why? Your subscribers are familiar with your brand, what you offer, the quality of it and they trust that you’re going to deliver.  Someone who is new to your blog or social media page may be a little reluctant to spend money with you for the simple reason that they don’t know or trust you.


An engaged audience (your email list) will always trump those followers who don’t invest in you and just follow to follow.


Best way to communicate with your audience

Sure, people will browse their social media feeds but again with the algorithm changes going on, you can’t be 100% certain that your posts are actually going to show up on the feeds of those following you.  What you do know is when you send an email, your email will be delivered and the subscriber can view it.


What happens if you post your latest announcement on Twitter and your followers aren’t logged on Twitter that very second to see your tweet, after a few minutes that post is now at the bottom of their feeds and they may not even see it.


Even with a busy day-to-day, your subscriber will be able to view your email on their time when it’s convenient for them and guess what, the email will still be in their inbox.


Should you get started on building your email list?


If you’re running a blog and/or business, yes.  If you’re blogging just to blog and have no plans on launching a product, service or monetizing your content, then an email list might not prove to be beneficial for you.


Building an engaged audience is key to growing your blog and business.  In my opinion, a new subscriber is just as great as a new sale - your content has moved someone to take action and make them want to invest a little more in what you have to offer.


There are several email service providers to use, I personally use Mailchimp and have experimented with others but I’m happiest with Mailchimp and their customer support.  You can start your free account, here.

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