How To Grow Your Audience

Taking the leap into the blogosphere is absolutely a commitment to take on, from juggling your 9 to 5 to your busy day-to-day, running your side hustle - blogging is something you’re pursuing in hopes it’ll lead to something much bigger for you - working with brands, building up your clientele, showcasing your products to being a helping hand for others through your area of expertise.


You’re committing your time to it, but you’re not getting the results you’re hoping for.


There is no such thing as an overnight success and no matter how many people you see that you feel are “making it” - you have to start somewhere.


Back to the Basics


Does it ever feel like you’re blogging to no one? You’re creating content yet no one seems to care, visit your website, shop with you and/or engage with your content.  Your audience is barely growing, your traffic views are low and no matter what you do differently - you’re still not seeing a change.


You don’t need a large audience to get a response; however, you need the right one.


If you’re blogging and have no idea on who your audience is yet you continue to push out content, how do you even know that’s what your current audience cares to see?


Getting back to the basics involves getting more intimate with your personal brand, your audience and what their needs are.


Running your blog isn’t about you.  It’s about your audience.


If you have no idea on the type of people that are following you or the type of audience you’re looking to attract - you’ll continue to see little response and engagement.


If you’re not able to define your why how do you expect to attract your who?


Overlooking Step One to Building Your Online Presence


Your who, what, why and how is what makes up your personal brand.  


Simply put: you can’t skip defining your brand if you’re looking to build and grow your online biz.  Period.


I’m always asked, “How do I get more followers?” or “How do I build up my audience?”


The real question is: how can you expect people to follow you when you don’t know how to attract people that need what you offer.


Having a following is great.. When it’s the right audience.  Being focused on a number instead of focusing on targeting the right people still will lead to little response and engagement.


Growing Your Audience


There is no quick or easy way to do this but you need a strategy.  A strategy that’ll speak to your ideal readers, customers and clients - content that they need, content that can help them.


But again: when you’re not clear on your brand, you won’t be able to make this happen.


You need a plan of attack that you can execute not only on your blog but your social media channels as well.  When you’re running your blog, you need to be everywhere at once - how can you expect people to know who you are when you aren’t making yourself known?


Creating content targeted specifically towards people who need what you’re offering and/or will benefit from your content is how you begin growing an engaged audience.


Would you rather have 500 random followers who could care less what you post about or 500 followers who NEED what you’re talking about?


It’s never too late to rebuild and refocus starting with branding.  It’s better to take a step backwards than continue going in circles and getting no results.


I break down how to define your brand and audience in Define Your Fashion Brand workbook (available to order here) - when you order this workbook you also have the option to email it to me so that I can help you through it.


This step may not be the easiest, I get it, but it’s a must if you’re serious about building and growing your business. That’s why I am helping you through it (download here).


Hooking Your Audience


Once you have a better idea of your brand it’ll be that much easier to create a content strategy targeted towards those that need you.  The best way to keep ‘em coming back is by giving them what they want.


Developing your content strategy is covered when you enroll in Grow Your Fashion Website online course (if you already have a blog/website) or Launch Your Fashion Website (if you don't have a blog/website).


Remember: an engaged audience leads to conversions which leads to growth.


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