How To Narrow Down Your Niche and Blog Focus

Trying to settle on a topic or focus for your blog can be a headspin, you’re bouncing around so many different ideas, some different, some that don’t relate to one another, and trying to figure out how to nail down what you want to focus on.

Your blog doesn’t have to focus on just one thing, there is nothing wrong with covering a range of different areas but I’d suggest that they be connected somehow.

For example, you don’t want to cover fashion then jump into talking about your love for sports to fancy automobiles - like, where is the connection with any of these?


Do you want to focus on one topic in general; such as, fashion?


Or, are you leaning towards a more lifestyle focus where you can cover different ideas that deal with day-to-day real life; such as, travel, fashion, food to beauty?


Narrowing down your niche provides you with clarity on the type of audience you want to attract to the type of content to create.


Questions to ask yourself when choosing your niche and focus:


One | What do you enjoy?


You love fashion, yes, what specifically do you love about it? Do you enjoy bargain shopping and finding the latest deals? Do you love looking at streetstyle? Do you find yourself always looking to recreate a celeb’s outfit but at an affordable price? Do you love keeping up with the latest trends?


Two | What do you love to talk and write about?


Content creation is a huge part to running a website, not only do you need to keep it up and running but you need to also be constantly creating content that’ll keep your readers coming back.  


So, what about fashion do you love to talk about and could go on for days speaking and writing about it?


If you enjoy doing something but are struggling to figure out topics relating to it, then that might not be your niche area or focus.


Something you can write about, you’ll be able to easily flush out ideas and different ways to create content around it.


Three | What do your friends and family come to you for?


Are your friends always coming to you because they need help with shopping for certain items? Do they come to you because they know you have a great eye for fashion and could help them put their outfits together? Do they come to you for the latest advice for the newest trends because you’re always on top of it?


If other people are constantly coming to you for help, this might be an area to consider focusing on.


Four | Would you be able to teach what you enjoy to others?


I always like to think long-term, so, in terms of growth and expanding your brand, should you be interested in creating products or offering services later down the line, do you feel your blog’s niche and area of focus is something you feel you’d be able to teach to others?


For example, if you enjoy shopping around for the best deals, would you be interested in personal shopping for others? If you love teaching others how to dress, would you be interested in offering services where people can hire you?


Your blog’s focus and niche should be an area you’re familiar and comfortable with, where you can easily create content surrounding it and enjoy what you’re doing.  If someone is browsing your website or social media pages they should easily be able to identify what you do.


Growth is inevitable for any brand when you’re clear on your focus and able to use that to attract and grow your audience.  With growth and a loyal audience comes opportunities.


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