How I Used My Blog To Launch My Online Store

It’s no secret that blogging can open the doors to many opportunities.  While it may come easily/harder for some, putting in consistent effort remains the same across the board.


Do you find yourself dreaming of making money from your side hustle?

One day being able to quit your 9 to 5 to pursue a career in fashion?

Running your fashion website full-time?

Turning your dreams of building your online brand into reality?


Well, I’m here to say.. It is impossible.


I’ve shared my journey with you here but I can’t repeat enough: blogging is what allowed me to pursue my fashion dreams and much more.


Building an audience, growing your page views and endless opportunities is not something that happens overnight.  As nice as it would be to put a timeframe on when things can happen, there isn’t, that comes down to you.


How hungry are you?

How much are you willing to sacrifice to make this happen?

Are you willing to put in the work, week after week?


Your level of success depends on you.




Running a website is nothing short of an opportunity.  Your blog, in a way, is your portfolio.. Your resume to attract brands, clients to customers.  This is your opportunity to show off what you’re made of.


When you’re blogging, you should have a clear idea on your who, what, why, how and style in order to attract the audience you’re seeking.  If you’re stuck on defining your brand, check out my online workshop, Defining Your Fashion Brand where I help you break it down.


Being clear on your brand will provide you with the direction on how to position yourself, what to share, how to share it to building your online presence that people can identify with.  This is one step you can’t skip over if you’re looking to build your fashion website.


Every single post is an opportunity - to not only monetize but to market yourself.


My website, like everyone else, started off without a following, nobody knew who I was or who The Daileigh was.  That never stopped me from what I was doing.  If you want people to know who you are, give them a reason to know who you are and continue to keep checking on you.


Give them a reason to want to visit your website, subscribe to your newsletters, share you to their friends and family.


This happens from being consistent, being clear on your brand and message and putting in the work, day after day, week after week.  There is no magic formula to success.


With consistency comes results.  And you can’t expect results without being intentional, a plan and clear on your brand.




Over time, I began to see a change with my website and following.  I started attracting women that all shared a love for fashion and many of them struggling to pull off being fashionable.  Having conversations and connecting with my audience allowed me to realize an opportunity that I was overlooking.. Women needed help with looking fashionable and I could be their resource to making their life a lot more stressful when it comes to fashion.


I was once asked by one of my readers, I blog but have a small audience so I don’t think I’ll be able to start an online store.


My response: you have an audience, that’s an opportunity right there! Engage with them, ask them questions.  Who cares how small you feel your audience is, you have an audience and they all follow you for a reason.  A loyal audience usually converts to paying customers.  


Through blogging I was able to do just that, engage and get feedback to create tools for my audience.  


You don’t need a huge audience to make this happen.


Blogging opens the door to opportunities.


I went on to launch my online store sharing a collection of fashion and style eBooks and from being able to see a need for something, ask my audience about it, I was able to deliver.  Within my first month of launching my digital eBooks, I brought in just under five figures in the first month alone.


Note to self: never be afraid to ask.




When I started blogging, I never thought I’d launch an online shop and begin designing and creating products.  It was never a thought for me.  But again: blogging brings about so many different opportunities that you may have never imagined of pursuing.  


If you love fashion and have been playing with idea of launching your fashion blog and sharing your talents, you should! While it can seem overwhelming on where to begin, I have made it easy for you with my workshop and online course.




First things first in your journey, defining your brand.  This is your time to really think about your purpose, goals, your vision and your plan of attack.  I help you to break down your who, why, what, how and style in my online workshop, Define Your Fashion Brand.


When you’re ready to begin laying out your website or looking to fine tune your current site, Launch Your Fashion Website online course will walk you through how to lay out your site, creating photography that’ll help sell your content, diversifying and monetizing your content to growing your audience.


Every time you post, it’s an opportunity.  Don’t miss out on that!


If you have a website and it’s not producing the results you want, you will also benefit from this online course and/or have the option to have your site reviewed by me where I give you tips and pointers.


Allow your blog to be your path to living out your dreams.

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