Why A Simple Design Layout Is Better Than Fancy

In terms of your website design, simple wins.

It’s so easy to get carried away with incorporating all kinds of fancy elements to your website, how can you not? It looks good.

But looks isn’t necessarily everything.

Designing A Fashion Website

When you’re on a website and seeing all types of sliders, custom additions, you’re thinking, “OMG, I love that and need that on my website.”

 I’m sure we have all been on many websites and blogs and some are so fancy that you’re just like how the hell do I get around? Where can I find this? What do I need to click on to get to the next step? It can be a little confusing and annoying.

 So, can a fancy website design risk growing your website?

Yes and no.

 Let me give you an example..

 I am not against switching up my website and layout design, for the past couple of months I have been testing out different layouts and adding in different types of elements to my website - if you haven’t noticed.  I was switching things up constantly.

 All in the name of testing.

 I incorporated sliders, combined my shop and outfits onto one site, and tried my shop, style tips, and outfits on a different layout, played around with text placements, etc.  I changed it up so many times to see the type of response for each.

 I’ve laid things that seem to be straight-forward and common sense in terms of navigating my site but I loved the fancier side of things.

 I noticed that my when my website was simple, like really really simple, my conversion rate (if you have a shop) and traffic views did better.

 When I incorporated a complicated layout and all types of fancy sh*t, I saw a HUGE drop in my traffic.. A difference in 100,000 page views to be a exact.  Imagine dropping 100,000 page views in the course of one month because of your website design?

Exactly, that's no bueno.

 Studies show: simple wins.

It’s not about you.

 Yup, you heard me.  It’s not about you, it’s about your audience and providing them with a user-friendly website experience.

 If people are confused when it comes to navigating around your website, they’re less likely to return and/or shop with you (for those with a product/service).

 Yes, it’s your website and you want to make sure you’re designing it to your aesthetic and to fit your brand message but at the same time, you need to always be keeping your audience in the back of your mind.

 Something that took me some time to figure out.. Or, just being stubborn :)

 You can still create a website that you love and make it easy to navigate.

 Designing your website

 You’re probably thinking: “Well, how should I design my website?”

 You want a website that is simple, functional, easy to navigate, but you.  The best thing about designing a website is you have options on how you lay out your website and customize it, which can prove to sometimes be a challenge with so many options to choose from.

 So, to make it easier, in Launch Your Fashion Website online course I have selected a couple of themes all with different layouts for you to choose from then walk you through how to design and customize it.  Yup, you can totally do it on your own and I'm going to help you!

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