Setting Up Your Website Domain

Choosing Your Website Name


There is no easy approach to coming up with your website name, just remember to keep in mind: this is your professional website and there are a sea of blogs and fashion sites online, so the last thing you want to do is create a site name similar to what so many others are already using.  

For a fashion website, there are already so many that include the words - fashionably, fashionable, styled by, styles,  x wore it - you get the point.  Be original and take your time coming up with it.

I would start with writing down words that relate to your website to figure out how you can use them and combine them to create something witty and unique.  Once you’ve narrowed it down, look to your family and friends for input and their opinion, search around to see if that name is already claimed by someone else, and then narrow it down to the winning name.

When I first launched my website a few years ago I didn’t really put much thought into it and changed it two or three times before landing on The Daileigh.  Back when I launched, it was just for fun never really thinking it could lead to anything besides me sharing what I love but once I realized the opportunities that could come, I buckled down and got serious.

I decided on my brand name: The Daileigh and purchased the domain.  It was all mine! No one else could use it.

Your brand name is going to stick with you forever, so make it a good one and one that you feel you won’t be tired of later down the line because the last thing you want to do is brand yourself with one name, just to change it.  

To Domain or Not?


Is a domain name super important when you first launch yourfashion website? Yes and no.

In my opinion, if you’re just going to be blogging to blog, have no real plans on where to take it and want to feel it out first to see if it’s something you can actually work into your busy schedule, then most likely not.  It’s ok to want to feel it out first, because running a website does require a lot of attention so making sure it is something you want to follow through with first before committing to it, is totally fine.  In this case, I would recommend not worrying about purchasing a domain name for  your site just yet.  

At the same time, before you finalize your blog name and launchyour website I would highly suggest that you check first to see if the domain name is available - even if you’re not going to purchase it yet.  The last thing you want to happen is you come up with a site name just for it to be already taken.

If you’re launching your website with every intention on following through with it, posting consistently, and know you’ll be able to manage it even with a busy schedule - go with the domain purchase!

Purchasing Your Domain


Best thing about domain names, they’re super affordable! Yay! They can start as low as $0.99.

I use GoDaddy for the following:

  1. Check for site name availability - you’ll know right away if it's available or already taken within seconds.

  2. Purchase and register my domain name - you can select from .com, .us, .co, .net, and .club.

  3. Hosting - which is something you don’t need to worry about right away when you launch.  This is something you’ll want to consider later down the line as your site grows.

There is an additional fee depending on how long you want to keep this domain name, you can pay annually or pay to keep it registered for a couple of years.  Lets say you want to start with a one  year registration, it’s around $10-11 additional, so your total purchase is no more than $14-$15.  Totally affordable!

Visit GoDaddy > HERE at the top of the page you’ll see a search box with a green button. Type in your website name and begin yoursearch.  

Simple, quick and easy!

Another reason why I always use GoDaddy is because of their 24/7 phone assistance - I am not a tech person, I’ve taught myself many things but some things are out of my reach so it gives me comfort that they’re a phone call away should I ever have questions or need assistance.  There have been plenty of phone calls made at 2 or 3 in the morning and they’re always there to calm down my mini panic attacks.  Talking to someone live is HUGE for me when deciding on sites to use.  Email assistance on tech related things aren’t as helpful for me, and having to wait for someone to respond to your email can be super annoying.

How many of you thought this process would be extremely difficult and/or costly? I'm glad to be saving you time and money! ;)

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